What’s new this month? Here are 10 Australian release picks for March 2021

Exciting new projects from Mindy Meng Wang & Tim Shiel, Laces, Genesis Owusu and more

Summer may be over, but Australia’s music release calendar is only just starting to ramp up. From deeply personal post-punk to electronic experimentation and festival-ready surf rock, here’s what March has to offer ardent supporters of Aussie music.

Mere Women new album 2021 Romantic Notions

Mere Women

‘Romantic Notions’

Arriving nearly 11 years since Mere Women’s formation, the band’s ambitious fourth record feels like a distillation of what they’ve always done best – oscillating between urgent, wiry post-punk (‘Spell’) and haunting, almost dreamlike sonic textures (‘Someone Loves You’).

A harrowing meditation on the coercion and controlling behaviour faced by women across generations, it’s a confrontational but deeply cathartic listen. Alex Gallagher

Mere Women’s ‘Romantic Notions’ is out via Poison City on March 5.

Genesis Owusu new album 2021 Smiling With No Teeth

Genesis Owusu

‘Smiling With No Teeth’

Anticipation doesn’t even begin to describe the build for Genesis Owusu’s debut album. The Ghanaian-Australian artist has demonstrated a genre-defiant versatility in its lead-up, ranging from dance-punk parties like ‘Don’t Need You’ to the hypnotic diatribe of ‘Whip Cracker’.

An all-important effort from an already quintessential figure within Australian music. David James Young

Genesis Owusu’s ‘Smiling With No Teeth’ is out via OURNESS/House Anxiety on March 5.

Jesswar EP Tropixx



The rising Brisbane rapper refuses to pull any punches on her ferocious, incendiary debut EP.

At once a self-assured introduction and a love letter to her Pasifika community, ‘Tropixx’ makes a compelling case for Jesswar taking her rightful place in the country’s hip-hop pantheon in the coming years. AG

Jesswar’s ‘Tropixx’ is out via Inertia Music/[PIAS] Recordings on March 5.

Rinse Joe Aguis new EP Wherever I Am Hatchie


‘Wherever I Am’

After years at the helm of Brisbane indie darlings The Creases, Joe Aguis has built up an impressive repertoire of endearing, jangly indie-rock.

Now under the solo moniker of RINSE, Aguis ventures out into dreamy musical territory that is simultaneously warm in its familiarity and striking in its attention to detail. DJY

RINSE’s ‘Wherever I Am’ is out on March 5.

Huck Hastings new album Cheers To Progress

Huck Hastings

‘Cheers To Progress’

A debut album several years in the making, Huck Hastings has delivered a confessional indie-pop record that preaches to the choir of those that have loved, lost and loved again.

A balance of lyrical tenderness and musical brightness make ‘Progress’ a damn-near irresistible listening experience well worth your time. DJY

Huck Hastings’ ‘Cheers To Progress’ is out on March 5.

Mindy Meng Wang Tim Shiel new EP Nervous Energy Music In Exile

Mindy Meng Wang &
Tim Shiel

‘Nervous Energy 一 触即发’

Made as part of label Music in Exile’s Building Bridges series, Mindy Meng Wang’s striking acoustic compositions – recorded on her 21-string traditional guzheng – are manipulated and reworked by electronic producer Shiel.

Drawing on house and dub influences, the result is a sprawling project that serves as an ode to the possibilities of collaboration, combining old and new to create something truly unique. AG

Mindy Meng Wang and Tim Shiel’s ‘Nervous Energy 一 触即发’ is out via Music in Exile on March 12.

Laces new EP Field Fallacy XVI Nina Las Vegas NLV Records


‘Field Fallacy XVI’

Following on from his signing to Nina Las Vegas’ NLV Records, the rising DJ and producer’s debut EP is a captivating introduction.

With hyperactive beats, crystalline synths and glitched-out samples aplenty, the inventive, future-facing “internet club music” on ‘Field Fallacy’ is bound to draw in hyperpop devotees. AG

Laces’ ‘Field Fallacy XVI’ is out via NLV Records on March 12.

Paper Kites new album Roses Julia Stone Ainslie Wills

The Paper Kites


The Melbourne band’s latest is a collection of intimate duets that features Julia Stone, Ainslie Wills, Nadia Reid, Gena Rose Bruce and more.

Paired with the gossamer folk The Paper Kites have made their signature over the last decade, their collaborators help these tender, slow-burning songs reach their fullest potential. AG

The Paper Kites’ ‘Roses’ is out via Wonderlick/Sony Music Entertainment Australia on March 12.

Middle Kids - Album Artwork - Today We're The Greatest

Middle Kids

‘Today We’re The Greatest’

Three years, one EP and one baby following their debut, Sydney’s Middle Kids return with more endearing, heartfelt indie rock. The trio adapt new musical elements into their palette, ranging from subtle beat programming to triumphant mariachi horns.

‘Today We’re The Greatest’, subsequently, marks an important progression for their collective songwriting. DJY

Middle Kids’ ‘Today We’re The Greatest’ is out via EMI on March 19.

Skegss album Rehearsal



One of Australia’s flagship garage-rock outfits, Skegss have carved a considerable niche by blending punk ferocity with rousing, festival-ready choruses. On ‘Rehearsal’, the band double down on this approach.

It’s not a drastic reinvention, but when you’re as sharp in your approach as the trio are, you don’t necessarily need one. DJY

Skegss’ ‘Rehearsal’ is out via Loma Vista/Caroline Australia on March 26.