Watch Pom Pom Squad perform ‘Head Cheerleader’ and ‘Cherry Blossom’ for NME Home Sessions

Pom Pom Squad strip it back

For this week’s NME Home Sessions we’re joined Pom Pom Squad frontwoman Mia Berrin. A warped, retro set-up in her Brooklyn home provides a picturesque backdrop for her two-song set, that features both a moody thrasher and fragile moment of self-acceptance.

Released in June, the band’s highly anticipated full-length debut ‘Death Of A Cheerleader’ showcases Berrin’s grungy yet delicate voice. On the record a raw indie-rock backing amplifies the energy of key track ‘Head Cheerleader’, but for this performance it is a simple and singular guitar that elevates Berrin’s authentic vocals.

The performance closes with ‘Cherry Blossom’ – a track from 2019’s ‘Ow’ EP – which slows things down for a break-up tune that looks past the tainting effects of adoration and maintains a sense of maturity. “We’re gonna fall in love again someday,” Berrin gently acknowledges before bitingly retorting, “I think it’s best you stay the fuck out of my way.”


You can watch Pom Pom Squad’s full NME Home Sessions performance above.

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