What to watch this week on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and more (November 30-December 6)

Here’s a list of TV shows and movies to get across this week

With hundreds of shows available across on-demand streaming services, it’s easy for your favourites to get lost in the shuffle. To help you keep track of all the new releases arriving this week, here’s a list of the five upcoming shows and movies to cast your eyes on.

Take a look at what to watch this week from November 30 to December 6:

Alien Worlds (Season 1)

Ever wonder what life might look like on worlds other than our own? Alien Worlds is a four-part docu-series that explores that possibility, showcasing how animals and plant life on extraterrestrial planets could look like, with the help of realistic CGI. From the way different species would adapt and their evolution over the years, the show applies the laws of life on Earth to imagine the rest of the universe.

Out December 2 on Netflix.

Big Mouth (Season 4)

Get ready for more adventures with the students of Bridgeton Middle School as they return with another season of navigating puberty and all the awkwardness that comes along with it. Seven-graders Nick Birch and Andrew Glouberman, plus their respective hormone monsters, Tyler and Maury are all back to explore issues like depression, sexuality and anxiety.

Out December 4 on Netflix.

Sound Of Metal

Riz Ahmed stars in this new drama film directed by Darius Marder, who wrote the screenplay for Ryan Gosling’s The Place Beyond The Pines. Sound Of Metal chronicles what happens when a heavy metal drummer (Ahmed) suddenly starts to lose his hearing. As his condition worsens, he is forced to come to terms with his new situation and accept that his life – and career – has changed forever.

Out December 4 on Amazon Prime Video.



Gary Oldman stars as Herman J. Mankiewicz – otherwise simply referred to as ‘Mank’ – an alcoholic screenwriter and brutal film critic. Set in 1930s Hollywood, Mank follows its titular protagonist as he rushes to complete the script for Citizen Kane and the problems that arise in the lead-up to the film’s release. Amanda Seyfried, Lily Collins, Tom Burke, Charles Dance and more star alongside Oldman in David Fincher’s latest film, which was originally based on a script written by his late father Jack Fincher.

Out December 4 on Netflix.

Selena: The Series

You know her name and you know her story, but there’s still more to the late Latin pop icon. The new series, directed by Hiromi Kamata and written by Moisés Zamora, depicts Selena Quintanilla-Pérez’s (played by Christian Serratos) incredible rise to fame, from her early days as the lead singer of her family band to a renowned superstar. It also takes a peek into the conflicts Selena and her family face in her road to superstardom.

Out December 4 on Netflix.