What to watch this week on Netflix, Stan and more (August 24-30)

Here’s a list of TV shows and movies to get across this week

With hundreds of shows available across on-demand streaming services, it’s easy for your favourites to get lost in the shuffle. To help you keep track of all the new releases arriving this week, here’s a list of the five upcoming shows and movies to cast your eyes on.

Take a look at what to watch this week from August 24 to 30:

Chemical Hearts

Based on Aussie author Krystal Sutherland’s 2016 novel Our Chemical Hearts, the romantic drama stars Riverdale’s Lili Reinhart, who also served as the film’s executive producer. Reinhart plays Grace, a mysterious transfer student who captures the attention of Henry (Austin Abrams) after they’re paired together on the school’s paper. Later, Henry discovers that Grace is harbouring a deep and tragic secret.

Out now on Amazon Prime Video.

Hungry Ghosts

Danger looms on the streets of Melbourne when a grudge-bearing spirit is accidentally let out from a sacred tomb in Vietnam and haunts four different families in Australia. Set during the Hungry Ghost month – a traditional Buddhist and Taoist festival held to honour the dead – the story follows May Le, a young Australian-Vietnamese woman who must dig deep into her heritage to undo the curse. Directed by Shawn Seet, this thrilling new four-part mini-series is supported by a diverse cast, which includes more than 30 Asian-Australian actors.

Out now on SBS and SBS On Demand.

Trinkets (Season 2)

The second and final season of the teen drama concludes the story of the Shoplifters Anonymous trio. After running away from home, Elodie finally returns to reunite with her friends Tabitha and Moe. Will the troublemakers finally get to redeem themselves and prove they’ve changed, or will they fall back into old bad habits? Brianna Hildebrand, Quintessa Swindell and Kiana Madeira will return to send off the beloved trio, alongside Odiseas Georgiadis and Austin Crute.

Out August 25 on Netflix.


Rising Phoenix

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the Paralympic Games and how it became one of the biggest international sporting events in the world. The documentary features interviews with the world’s top athletes and sports insiders to give an in-depth look at how the event has shaped the field and the conversation around disability, diversity and human excellence. Rising Phoenix will include appearances from Australian wheelchair rugby gold medalist Ryley Batt and swimming champion Ellie Cole.

Out August 26 on Netflix.

I Am Woman

Named after Helen Reddy’s 1971 classic song, the autobiographical film chronicles the Australian icon and singer’s claim to fame. Set years before the birth of the feminist anthem, the biopic follows Reddy (played by Tilda Cobham-Hervey) as she leaves her homeland for New York in search of stardom. She later falls in love with an aspiring talent manager Jeff Wald (Evan Peters), who helps land her a recording contract of a lifetime. But life isn’t all that sweet – soon Reddy faces the pressures of fame, marriage and everything in between.

Out August 28 on Stan.