Film Interviews

Film Interviews

Beanie Feldstein on Hollywood inclusivity: “We have so much further to go”

The 'Lady Bird' and 'Booksmart' breakout actor talks nailing the Wolverhampton accent and becoming a teenage music journalist in 'How To Build A Girl'

Vinnie Jones: “I’m the people’s fucking champion!”

Well, you wouldn't argue with the hardest man in Hollywood, would you?

Katherine Langford: “Growing up as a fan of fantasy, there weren’t a lot of female role models”

Talking pot plants, Internet trolls and medieval myths with Netflix's favourite young star

‘Come As You Are’: the incredible true story behind the feelgood movie of the summer

“Besides my mouth, the only thing that works on my body is my cock!”

Kelly O’Sullivan: how the rising ‘Saint Frances’ star made 2020’s best indie film

The little-known actress from Arkansas has written – and played the lead in – this summer's must-watch coming-of-age drama

Meet Liana Liberato: the star of indie horror ‘The Beach House’ who’s having a breakout year

From Gen Z romcoms to queer coming-of-age dramas, the Texas-born actress is on a red-hot run

‘Dickinson’ star Ella Hunt remembers late director Lynn Shelton: “I was devastated”

The pair worked together on Apple TV+'s acclaimed comedy drama

‘The Wretched’: how an indie horror movie became the surprise hit of 2020

Directing brothers Brett and Drew Pierce explain how their low-budget witch movie has worked strange magic in the COVID era

Will Poulter: “I’m a scaredy cat – I’ll always avoid confrontation”

He might think he's risk-averse, but the BAFTA winning actor's pushed boundaries from the start – we hear why tech is the future of film and TV

‘Relic’ director Natalie Erika James on Asian horror and Australia’s “sanitised view of death”

The Japanese-Australian filmmaker talks her first feature-length movie, a tender, mind-bending horror tale of dementia and familial relationships