The 20 best films of 2023

It’s been a blockbuster year on the big screen

Zack Snyder says he was aware of ‘Snyder Cut’ joke in ‘Barbie’

"I thought 'Barbie' was great and I think the joke is pretty good"

Margot Robbie refused to move ‘Barbie’ release date for ‘Oppenheimer’

"We're not moving", Robbie told 'Oppenheimer's producer

Margot Robbie shoots down ‘Barbie’ sequel: “I can’t imagine what would be next”

Robbie has previously revealed she was involved in discussions about a follow-up

Todd Haynes: “no doubt” Greta Gerwig saw my banned ‘Barbie’ film

The director's controversial student project has become a cult curio

Billie Eilish thought she’d she’d “hit her peak” and “it was over” before penning ‘Barbie’ soundtrack song

“Greta saved me, really, honestly," Eilish said after overcoming a period of writer's block

Ryan Gosling’s ‘I’m Just Ken’ ‘Barbie’ song nominated for a Grammy

The nominations were revealed in full earlier today

‘Oppenheimer’ has broken another box office record

The Christopher Nolan biopic became one of the highest grossing IMAX movies

Mattel didn’t want their executive to get shot in ‘Barbie’ beach scene

Gerwig and Baumbach shared Mattel's notes on the 'Barbie' script

A comedy spoof called ‘Barbenheimer’ is in the works

The low-budget flick blends the plot of 'Barbie' and 'Oppenheimer'