Apex Legends

‘Apex Legends’ developer reveals “single line of code” to blame for audio bug

Respawn has detailed its quest to fix a bug that's been plaguing players since February

Respawn CEO would “love to see” ‘Titanfall 3’ happen

The studio has "no exact dedicated plans" for the game, though

EA announces layoffs for six per cent of its workers

The news comes amid a wave of layoffs across the gaming and tech world

Respawn Entertainment opens third studio to support ‘Apex Legends’

Around 200 'Apex Legends' testers were recently fired by EA

EA reportedly fires over 200 ‘Apex Legends’ testers through Zoom

"We were told that all of our contracts were terminated effective immediately [because] EA wish to have a more 'globally diverse' testing team," one former worker told NME

Industry veterans behind ‘Apex Legends’ and ‘Titanfall’ form new studio Wildlight Entertainment

Wildlight Entertainment has been “quietly working on a new IP for some time”

Cancelled ‘Titanfall’ game was reportedly an ‘Apex Legends’ campaign

The game's protagonist was reportedly going to be Apex Games commissioner Kuben Blisk

EA reportedly axes singleplayer ‘Apex Legends’ game

It was claimed to be set in the shared Apex/Titanfall universe

‘Apex Legends’ introduces private matches with Spellbound event

Up to 60 players and five spectators will be able to get involved in the tournament matches