Chivalry 2

‘Chivalry 2’ comes to Steam and adds horses on June 12

Alongside the Tenosian Invasion update

‘Chivalry 2’ launches ‘House Aberfell’ update with projectile pigs

The 2.4 patch also includes new maps alongside more conventional weapons

‘Chivalry 2’ is free to play this weekend


CohhCarnage launches Tripwire games boycott amidst anti-abortion controversy

"I'll be stepping away from these games and won't support that company"

Developers react to Tripwire president’s controversial anti-abortion tweet

The tone-deaf comments sparked a backlash in the game development community

‘Chivalry 2’ has sold over 1million units worldwide

Over 8 million hours of playtime has been logged

‘Chivalry 2’ Galencourt update adds Arena mode and new maps

(Patch notes) for The Order!

‘Chivalry 2’ review: a dishonourably good time that revels in chaos

Torn Banner's hilarious brawler is back (yay) and… so are the cowardly archers