Chrono Cross

‘Haunted Chocolatier’ inspired by ‘Stardew Valley”s ‘Moonlight Jellies’ festival and ‘Final Fantasy’

“I want to go deeper, and connect with people in a real way that’s memorable”

PS3 and PS Vita virtual games experiencing unplayable “expired” error

Some games apparently expired in 1969

‘Chrono Cross’ remaster will no longer include original soundtrack

Both the remastered and original tracks were initially said to be in the game

Square Enix launches official music YouTube channel with 5,500 tracks

There are also curated mixes for chilling or getting hyped

Cult JRPG classic ‘Chrono Cross’ comes to Europe at last

Coming to a console near you soon

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‘Chrono Trigger’ composer’s next game announcement coming February “at the earliest”

This follows rumours that a Chrono Cross remake, another game the composer worked on, is in the works

‘Chrono Cross’ remaster rumoured to be in development

The remaster is reportedly in development for multiple platforms.