Dark Souls 3

‘Dark Souls’ fans worry multiplayer isn’t coming back after Steam change

References to multiplayer on all 'Dark Souls' Steam pages have been removed

‘Dark Souls’ online services have been taken down until after ‘Elden Ring’ releases

The team are aware of the "technical difficulties" and are working on a fix

‘Dark Souls’ and ‘Elden Ring’ creator reveals the boss fight he’s proudest of

Out of all the nightmarish bosses he's made, Miyazaki shares the one he's proudest of creating

‘Dark Souls’ online servers shut down following news of hack exploit

Bandai Namco had been made aware of the issue after it circulated online

‘Dark Souls 2’ and ‘Psychonauts 2’ officially verified for Steam Deck among others

Not all games compatible with the Steam Deck are officially verified

‘Dark Souls 3’ morse code run prompts accessibility discussion

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