Diablo IV

‘Diablo 4’ will have some “returning faces” and put player characters into cinematics

The upcoming game will also keep the act-based story format from past 'Diablo' games

‘Diablo 4’ skill tree rework will help new players avoid a “scary screen”

"We worried the players wouldn't have had the context to understand what these decisions meant"

‘Diablo 4’ preview: a hell of a good time

An unexpected delight, 'Diablo 4' is light on new ideas but a much-needed refinement of dungeon crawl design

Blizzard Albany workers successfully unionise despite Activision pushback

Activision Blizzard was accused of trying to "muzzle workers' voices" during the vote

‘Diablo 4’ reportedly set to arrive in April 2023

Test footage from the forthcoming game appeared to leak back in September

Test footage from ‘Diablo 4’ appears to have leaked

The action role-playing game is set to be released in 2023

‘Diablo 4’ developer says players will “not be able to pay for power”

'Diablo 4' will be "a full-price game with a cosmetics shop and season pass"

‘Diablo 4’ might have microtransactions according to player survey

The survey includes mentions of mounts, exclusive armour and more

‘Diablo 4’ manager shuts down rumour of upcoming beta

The appearance of a 'Diablo 4' beta on Battle.net is for an "internal only test"