Dungeons & Dragons

Major gaming subreddits join blackout to protest controversial Reddit change

Communities for 'Terraria', 'Escape From Tarkov', 'Minecraft' and more will participate in a two-day blackout

‘Minecraft’ is getting “story-driven” ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ DLC

The downloadable content will introduce five classes from 'D&D'

Paizo launches own Open Game License after ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ controversy

Wizards Of The Coast threatened to change a 20-year old document that 'Pathfinder' was built around

D&D content creators outraged over licensing changes, demand the game remain “open”

“Surely they *must* realize this is just going to horribly backfire. Right?”

Hidden Path denies ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ game has been cancelled

A report said the publisher had cancelled a clutch of games but was still “committed to using digital games”

‘Dungeons & Dragons’ publisher Wizards Of The Coast reportedly cancels at least 5 games

The publisher previously promised “seven or eight” 'Dungeons & Dragons' games, with just one being released so far

‘Dungeons & Dragons’ publisher apologises for “offensive” racial stereotyping

The company acknowledged "the inclusion of offensive material” and said it would be removed “effective immediately"