Halo Infinite

Watch ‘Halo’ streamer Perrikaryal score kills using mind control

"There are still always comments about how this must be fake"

‘Halo’ will reportedly shift to Unreal Engine following major layoffs

It's claimed that "at least" 95 employees were laid off from 343 Industries in January

343 Industries debunks rumours it will no longer develop ‘Halo’ following layoffs and resignations

“343 Industries will continue to develop 'Halo' now and in the future”

‘Halo’ veteran Joseph Staten leaves ‘Infinite’ team to rejoin Xbox

Yesterday (January 18) Microsoft announced plans to lay off 10,000 employees

‘Halo Infinite’’s multiplayer creative director has left 343 Industries

“I couldn't be more proud of my time at 343"

A ‘Call of Duty’ fan has remade the Shipment map in ‘Halo Infinite’

'Halo Infinite''s Forge Mode was added as part of the game's Winter update

‘Halo Infinite’ fans thanked for patience as Winter Update finally arrives

A statement from 343 Industries promised "bigger things to come" in 2023

Microsoft Studios head admits ‘Halo Infinite’ “fell short” on post-launch content

Matt Booty acknowledged some "changes in leadership" have been made

‘Halo Infinite’ is getting ray tracing on PC next year

The ray-tracing update will release in time for Season 3

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