League of Legends

‘League Of Legends’ is down for maintenance in North America

The maintenance period will last 12 hours

‘League Of Legends’ is making jungle easier – and adding pets

Riot Games has acknowledged that jungle is too complicated for new players - but that's about to change

‘League of Legends’ fighter ‘Project L’ will be free-to-play

The 2D fighting game will also have "respectful" monetisation

‘League Of Legends’ patch 12.14 ends Gangplank’s reign of terror

Enchanters are also being hit hard in this patch

“Almost every” future Riot Games title will be competitive, says esports head

"I think that almost every game that you see Riot produce and develop will be competitive"

Why an old Dublin nightclub is the future of esports for Riot Games

"Just like the whole industry, we're building a plane while flying it. We don't know if we're going to the moon, to Mars, or to another solar system, but we know we're flying somewhere!"

‘League Of Legends’ is buffing the face of evil

Patch 12.14 releases on July 27

Riot Games opens “state-of-the-art” esports broadcast centre in Dublin

The Dublin facility will produce 6,300 hours of esports broadcasts each year

‘League Of Legends’ 12.14 preview details upcoming stability patch

The rest of the season is also set to focus on stability across the board