League of Legends

Creative ‘League Of Legends’ player uses a Wiimote to play Yasuo

Fellow fans were shocked and entertained by the ingenuity

‘League Of Legends’ pros will vote to strike over controversial rule change

“If we have 26 out of 50 of the LCS player willing to do something, I can tell you right now, the league's not running"

‘The Mageseeker’ fans are just glad they aren’t playing ‘League Of Legends’

"It's not 'League Of Legends' and you can pet the dog in the rebel base. 10/10 game"

‘League Of Legends’ MMO loses producer as Greg Street exits Riot

The co-founder of Riot Games says there's still “a very long road” to go before the game launches

Former ‘League Of Legends’ producers found new studio The Believer Company

The studio is working an open-world title and will say "no fucking thanks" to technology that doesn't improve games

‘League Of Legends’ reveals fiery new support champion Milio

Milio is a straightforward enchanter who can remove crowd control effects with his ultimate ability

‘Valorant’ developer Riot Games may be working on a ‘Destiny’-style shooter

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‘League Of Legends’ makes most champions cheaper with new pricing structure

“Our main goal here is to make acquiring champions easier for new players”