Lies Of P

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‘Lies Of P’ shows off a pirate ship in downloadable content images

The developer will also add a new outfit to thank players for their support

‘Lies Of P’ teases DLC from another iconic story

The post-credits scene seemed to suggest another character could come to the game

‘Lies Of P’ update makes bosses easier

Specters are also tougher and deal more damage now

‘Lies Of P’ cut “ACAB” reference because it was “a little risky”

"We respect everyone who might want to play this game"

‘Lies Of P’ preview: believe the hype for this ‘Bloodborne’-inspired fairy tale

No strings attached — this gory 'Pinocchio' tale oozes promise

Pinocchio soulslike ‘Lies Of P’ will launch this August

The 'Dark Souls'-inspired Pinocchio game will arrive this summer

‘Lies Of P’ director explains why the game is about Pinocchio

"...we came up with a well-known story first and then we gave our own twist on it" 

‘Lies Of P’ trailer confirms Xbox Game Pass release in 2023

Upcoming Pinocchio soulslike Lies Of P appeared at Gamescom recently alongside a 2023 release window and news that it’s coming to Xbox Game Pass. ...

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