New World

‘New World’ will run a brief open beta in September before full release

Mark your diary for a very unproductive weekend

Asmongold calls current state of ‘New World’ “pathetic”

"The mob variety is pathetic, and their solution to that is to reskin certain mobs and make them look different"

Amazon’s ‘New World’ delayed until September after feedback

The voyage to Aeternum will have to wait a bit longer

Is ‘New World’ unique enough to compete in the MMO genre?

What does New World manage to offer that is so different to other MMOs?

EVGA to replace all RTX 3090s fried by ‘New World’ closed beta issues

EVGA are even sending out replacement GPUs without waiting for the faulty ones to be sent and tested

PSA: ‘New World’ Closed Beta could fry your RTX 3090

The issue may be linked to memory overheating when playing with uncapped frame rates

‘New World’ reaches nearly 200,000 players during closed beta launch

The long-anticipated MMO from Amazon Games launches on August 31