Best horror games: what’s the best horror you can play in 2022?

Six of the scariest games you can play right now... if you dare!

‘Phasmophobia’ receiving new map and custom difficulty

The new map will be smaller and denser than the original Asylum

‘Phasmophobia’ players want smaller maps according to poll

Maps like Asylum are too big according to some players

‘Phasmophobia’ preview details custom difficulty and new asylum location

The final preview before the update has been released

‘Phasmophobia’ is getting two new ghosts

As if the horror game needed to be any scarier

‘Phasmophobia’ update lets players hunt eggs alongside ghosts

Just don't forget about the vengeful spirits

‘Phasmophobia’ update completely overhauls VR

Update v0.6.0.0 has added an entirely new VR system

‘Phasmophobia’ developers share look at VR Overhaul

Hopefully the improvements will arrive in-game soon

‘Phasmophobia’ devs are going to be “more transparent” with patch notes

Patch v0.5.2.0 notes are now available with extra detail