Rainbow Six Extraction

‘Rainbow Six Siege’ unveils new Nest Destruction game mode

It’s inspired by the upcoming 'Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction'

‘Rainbow Six Siege’ developers to adjust crouching for being too quiet

It is something the community have been asking for, for years

Ubisoft has delayed the release of ‘Riders Republic’ again

"This is the right decision for our players and for the long-term performance of our games”

‘Rainbow Six Extraction’ has been delayed, Ubisoft confirms

Ubisoft says it is the right decision for "long-term performance" of the game.

‘Rainbow Six: Extraction’ lead: “guns are not enough”

The tactical shooter is more than just flash bangs

The first gameplay from ‘Rainbow Six Extraction’ is here

The game will be releasing in September this year

‘Rainbow Six: Extraction’ will release on September 16

Tackle Archaeans with your friends in cross-play