‘Rust’ adds brutal hardcore mode with September update

The September update releases today (September 1)

‘Rust’ developer says major gunplay update “will be controversial”

Developer Facepunch says this is the biggest gunplay update since 'Rust' launched, but admits the changes "will be controversial"

‘Rust’ February update will feature a framerate performance fix

The framerate fix will arrive alongside new arctic-themed content.

‘Rust’ reflects on 2021 and shares a “sneak peak” of what’s next

2022 will bring dangerously cute polar bears to 'Rust'

‘Rust’ video shows potential server transition mechanics

A whole new world!

‘Rust: Console Edition’ gets major Devastation Unleashed update

The update is available now

‘Rust’ update will add rocket launching system and modular desert bases

Rain death from the sky in Rust's next update

‘Rust’ is nerfing submarines – missions are back in development

Underwater may get marginally safer

‘Rust’ is adding sharks, spearguns and submarines

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…