Silent Hill 2

‘Silent Hill’ producer wants more studios to pitch games for the series

"If creators from around the world who love 'Silent Hill' bring us their pitches, I promise to look through every one of them"

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‘Silent Hill 2’ remake will only make “very safe” changes to the original game

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The ‘Silent Hill 2’ remake packs demanding PC system requirements

Even the recommended system requirements only hit 60 FPS at medium quality

Konami reveals ‘Silent Hill 2’ remake and three new games in the series

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Konami apparently has “several” ‘Silent Hill’ games in development

"There are several teams on it with a big line of games. They will revive the franchise"

‘Dead By Daylight’ should use alternate Pyramid Head says creator

The original Pyramid Head creator thinks 'Dead By Daylight' should feature his alternate version of the monster

‘Silent Hill 2’ players have fixed a 20-year-old PC bug

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