Splinter Cell

Ubisoft shares “early” concept art for ‘Splinter Cell’ remake

“We’re aiming to create this top-tier remake, and push quality as much as possible, which should set a good foundation for the franchise going forward"

Ubisoft’s ‘Splinter Cell’ remake has lost its director

David Grivel has been at Ubisoft for 11 years

‘Splinter Cell’ remake will rewrite the series for “modern-day” audiences

The remake's developer wants the series' characters to be more "authentic and believable"

‘Ghost Recon: Frontline’ and ‘Splinter Cell VR’ cancelled by Ubisoft

Two unannounced projects have also been cancelled

Ubisoft is shutting down online services for 15 older titles

This includes the original release of 'Far Cry 3' and five 'Assassin's Creed' games

‘Splinter Cell’ remake announced by Ubisoft

Finally, Sam Fisher is back

Ubisoft updates ‘Splinter Cell’ trademark ahead of rumoured game

Ubisoft is reportedly working on a mainline 'Splinter Cell' entry

‘Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory’ is free on the Ubisoft store

The ‘Splinter Cell’ game is free to keep

New ‘Splinter Cell’ may take inspiration from ‘Hitman’ franchise

Sounds like it is definitely happening