The Legend of Zelda

Indie gem ‘Tunic’ launches on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch

Everyone's favourite fox has arrived on some new consoles

A Nintendo Direct has been announced for tomorrow

Tomorrow's Nintendo Direct will not be livestreamed through Nintendo's UK channels "as a mark of respect" for Queen Elizabeth II

‘Metroid’ developer’s cancelled ‘Zelda’ game was “an experiment gone wrong”

The project featured gameplay that was described as "a simplified version of Whack-A-Mole"

The BBC’s first Gaming Prom is now available on iPlayer

The Gaming Prom guarantees "nostalgia for millennials." with a programme featuring everything from 'Zelda' to 'Pokémon' and 'Final Fantasy'

Shigeru Miyamoto was against ‘Wind Waker”s art style at first

Some fans were also opposed to the style when 'Wind Waker' was first revealed

Koji Kondo’s ‘Ocarina of Time’ soundtrack is a hip-hop album

The beloved soundtrack to 'Ocarina Of Time' came from an unlikely source

Nintendo issues “over 1300 copyright blocks” on soundtrack videos

Finding proper ways to listen to Nintendo music has proved difficult in recent years

‘Zelda’ Space World 1997 demo playable thanks to modders

The Ocarina of Time demo can now be downloaded by fans