The Sims 4

‘The Sims 4’ will be permanently free-to-play from October

EA has also announced a stream to reveal "more about what's in the works" for 'The Sims'

‘The Sims 4’ reveals two DLC packs launching in September

Players can dress their younger Sims with new clothing, or opt for some desert-style decor

Mod tier: are game publishers destined to hate modders?

Are mods harmless fun or do they permit amateur coders to profit from somebody else's work?

‘The Sims 4’ patch removes the incest bug

The rapidly ageing Sims bug has also been addressed

Controversial ‘The Sims 4’ mod updates have been altered due to backlash

Modders can receive compensation through Mod early access and advertisements

‘The Sims 4’ bug is forcing Sims to quickly grow old and die

The latest update seems to have reintroduced the ageing bug

‘The Sims 4′ will soon let players choose characters’ sexual orientation

EA will be adding more options including non-binary Sims later on

Mxmtoon explains how ‘The Sims’ has helped her understand who she is

"Growing up, video games were a huge part of my experience with knowing who I was and feeling like I could shed any real-world perceptions"