’FIFA 22′ Ultimate Team: How to make FUT coins

Want to know how to make money in FIFA 22? Top up your coffers regularly with our guide on how to get FUT coins in Ultimate Team.

How to make FUT coins? It’s the eternal question. Or at least it’s been a big question since FIFA Ultimate Team launched around a decade ago. So how do you make loads of coins so you can buy all the best players in FIFA 22? These days there are endless YouTube videos, Patreons, Discords, and social media accounts dedicated to finding value in the FUT market, and it can be a bit dizzying.

Fortunately, we have been playing FUT and making big bank for as long as anyone, so we have plenty of tried-and-trusted methods for making coins fast in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. Don’t fret, just follow our instructions and you should be able to raise your coin total by a healthy margin over the course of the cycle.

Buy SBC fodder

FIFA Ultimate Team – How to make coins. Credit: EA
FIFA Ultimate Team – How to make coins. Credit: EA


Let’s start with something that works all year round. As you know if you play the game with any frequency, Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) have been a huge part of it since they were introduced a few years ago. Essentially they involve submitting a squad of players in order to receive some kind of reward. SBCs have specific requirements, usually based on things like overall rating, card type, nation, and league. It’s ratings where we can make big FUT coins with a bit of patience.

Over the course of the FUT 22 cycle, there will be some very popular SBCs. The most popular in recent years have been things like Icon SBCs and Icon Player Pick SBCs (where you get to open a “Player Pick” offering you a choice of rewards). The thing about these is that they are not around all the time, and when there isn’t much else in the SBC menu to tempt people, the price of SBC fodder – that’s cards which are highly rated but frequently packed and not much use for gameplay – will drop. That is when to buy. Then you just wait around until one of those coveted SBCs drives the price of fodder up again, and sell.

So how do you know when to buy and when to sell? It’s not too difficult. In general, you want to buy fodder at a few specific times. First, buy it up during the first few weeks of FIFA 22 when there aren’t any major SBCs – 86 rated cards trade for under 8k, and even 88 rated cards don’t go much higher than 10k. Or you can buy it during promotions and reward days when there is a lot of supply, so that’s Fridays at 6, 7, and 8pm UK time for promos like Black Friday and FUT Freeze, or on Thursday at 9am UK time when Division Rivals rewards are handed out and players have a lot of cards to sell.

Then you just need to wait for the right SBCs. Use a website like FUThead or FUTbin to watch the price of your investments, and sell when they go up by a healthy amount. 86-rated players we like for this in FIFA 22 include Parejo, Mats Hummels, and Sergio Busquets. Good luck.

Preview Packs

FIFA Ultimate Team – How to make coins. Credit: EA
FIFA Ultimate Team – How to make coins. Credit: EA

Trialled last year and now a regular feature of FIFA 22, Preview Packs are a way of opening a pack to see what’s inside and then deciding whether to buy it. Just go to the store and you should be able to open a Premium Gold Preview Pack every 24 hours with no obligation to purchase. If something good pops up worth more than the cost of the pack (7500 coins), then buy it and sell the item. You probably won’t get lucky that often, but if you preview a pack every day for a few months, you are bound to strike it rich at least once.


Watch out for special preview packs released during promotional periods, too, assuming EA Sports brings them back. You may even be able to preview things like Rare Player Packs, Jumbo Rare Player Packs, and Ultimate Packs. Just beware that the maths gets a bit more complicated with those. Is a new promo card worth more than a 125,000 Ultimate Pack? Maybe, maybe not. It’s worth double-checking before you invest.

Bronze Pack Method

FIFA Ultimate Team – How to make coins. Credit: EA
FIFA Ultimate Team – How to make coins. Credit: EA

It’s not for everyone, but if you don’t mind opening a huge number of packs with fairly boring contents, then the Bronze Pack Method (BPM) can be a great way to keep your coin balance ticking over. Essentially you open the cheapest bronze pack (previously for 400 coins, although EA may have removed this for FIFA 22 – at the moment the cheapest is the 750 Premium Bronze Pack) and sell anything inside that has value, or use it to complete League SBCs (introduced a few months into the game).

Bronze cards aren’t usually worth all that much, but when League SBCs go live, some of them shoot up in value because they become vital parts of the SBC solutions for those leagues. For example, a Premier League team may only have a couple of left-backs, one of whom is bronze while the other is a superstar that costs 10,000 coins. This inevitably inflates the price of the bronze card accordingly. So if you find players from major leagues in your bronze packs, they often have hidden value.

You will also end up with a load of bronze players who aren’t worth anything on the market, and these should then be put into the Bronze Upgrade Pack SBC, which will give you two silver players. Those silver players may be useful for the League SBCs too, and if not, you can keep them until you have enough to do the Silver Upgrade Pack SBC, and so on. Grinding through BPM this way involves opening a lot of packs – hundreds, if not thousands – and can be all-consuming, but idle thumbs make devil’s work, and you’re better off doing BPM on the Companion App than spending coins on other SBCs during your lunch break.

Lightning Round and Reward Day flips

FIFA Ultimate Team – How to make coins. Credit: EA
FIFA Ultimate Team – How to make coins. Credit: EA

One of the ways we most enjoy making coins is by taking advantage of periods of huge supply to snipe cards below their market value, then selling them on when the market resettles back to previous levels. This happens once a week on Rewards Day, aka Thursday when Division Rivals rewards go live at 9am UK time. (Thursday also used to be the day players got FUT Champions rewards, but the format has changed for FIFA 22, so the effect on the market may not be so profound – we’ve yet to see.)

But it’s particularly fun to do during Lightning Rounds. Lightning Rounds are when EA Sports puts a limited number of high-value packs in the store until they are sold out. Typically they take place on Fridays and Saturdays when new in-game promotions like FUT Freeze, Team of the Year and Future Stars go live, and they see eager players with deep pockets collectively spending literally millions of pounds in a few minutes to open Rare Player Packs, Jumbo Rare Player Packs and Ultimate Packs at 6, 7 and 8pm UK time respectively.

The trick to making FUT coins out of these periods is not to buy the packs, because they are seldom good value. It is to make a note beforehand of prices of cards people want, whether it’s high-end SBC fodder or just meta players, and try to snipe them at much lower prices as people hurriedly sell the contents of their Lightning Round packs.

The sheer volume of people opening packs in such an intense few minutes means that the market is absolutely flooded with desirable cards, driving prices down temporarily, and this is when you pounce. Then you just wait until a little later in the evening when supply returns to its normal level, sell the cards and bank the profit. (Just make sure you are bearing in mind the 5% EA transaction tax when you’re calculating buy and sell prices.)

Don’t waste coins and cards!

FIFA 22 PSG Stadium
FIFA 22. Credit: EA Sports

This directive might sound like a no-brainer, but we’d be lying if we said we were capable of following it most years. The thing about FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is that EA Sports wants you to lose coins for the health of the in-game economy. So they produce SBCs that remove value from the market in the form of cards that must be bought to complete the puzzle – a card bought for 40k and submitted into an SBC means 40k is no longer part of the in-game economy. That’s why there are always so many tempting SBCs – guaranteed promo cards, exciting SBC players, etc. It’s why you never have any FUT coins by the end of the game, but have a club full of untradeable players you barely touch.

The simplest way to have more FUT coins than normal is to reject this system. When you see player SBCs that look pretty good, ask yourself in all seriousness whether the player is going to improve your squad dramatically. Improving it a bit should not be good enough. If they don’t, then don’t do the SBC. Keep the value in your club and save it for the absolutely brilliant player coming along later. Or buy a similar player off the market — even if they go down in value, they will still have some value, but your SBC player will not. And when League SBCs go live and you want the packs but can’t complete the squads, don’t just buy all the players off the market to roll the dice with the reward pack. The house always wins.

The truth is that if you have a decent team and play Division Rivals, FUT Champions and Squad Battles a bit most weeks, but don’t complete endless SBCs, don’t buy and sell your squad all the time, and don’t make sideways player purchases on the transfer market, you will gradually accumulate vast treasures and be able to buy a proper upgrade for your team before you know it.

And if you figure out how to develop the willpower to play FUT that way, please let us know, because we would benefit from it as much as anyone!

FIFA 22 launched on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, and Google Stadia on October 1.

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