Alex Lahey, Josh Pyke and Ngaiire among recipients of APRA AMCOS grants

APRA AMCOS has also announced a second round of grants

Alex Lahey, Josh Pyke and Ngaiire are among a number of grant recipients from APRA AMCOS’ Sustainability Fund initiative. APRA AMCOS revealed the first round of successful applicants today (June 30), with each receiving a $2,000 grant before the end of the financial year.

The fund was first unveiled in May, and aims to “provide direct financial support to songwriter and composer members in the creation of new music” during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Songwriter and composer members from all genres and career stages shared first-hand accounts of how the crisis directly affected livelihoods and career plans,” a statement on APRA AMCOS’ website reads.


“The cancellation and postponement of concerts, festivals and local and international tours meant that crucial income disappeared, delaying the ability to fund creative work like recording sessions and album publicity, and in many instances put a financial strain on being able to pay for rent and groceries.”

APRA AMCOS reviewed 2,470 applications for the initial $300,000 funding pool. The fund will be shared between 225 successful applicants. Other notable grant recipients include Briggs, Nina Las Vegas, Paul Dempsey, Dan Sultan, Sarah Blasko, Marlon Williams and Julia Jacklin. Click here to view the full list of recipients.

The initial funding pool was comprised of income repurposed from the salaries of APRA’s board of directors. Donations from Google and APRA AMCOS’ cultural fund also helped contribute to the $300,000.

APRA AMCOS has also announced an additional $200,000 in grants today (June 30). 100 of the previously unsuccessful applicants will be granted a share in the new sum. Second round recipients will be announced in August.

“If you applied and were not successful, you will be considered and do not need to take further action,” a statement on APRA AMCOS’ website reads.