APRA launches Sustainability Fund to support music creators

Songwriter and composer members can apply now for $2,000 grants

APRA AMCOS has launched its new Sustainability Fund today (May 15), an initiative that aims to “provide direct financial support to songwriter and composer members in the creation of new music”.

In direct response to the coronavirus pandemic, the new fund has been established to allow members worldwide at any stage of a music career within any genre of music to apply for a $2,000 grant, intended to fund anything that helps musicians to sustain their career development.

In a press statement released today, APRA Board Chair Jenny Morris who leads the fund, said, “The intention for the fund is, very simply, to provide real financial support so that music creators can continue to make new music. This is an investment in them and their endeavours.”


APRA AMCOS CEO Dean Ormston added, “Our members’ income is derived from numerous sources, and nearly all of those have been immediately and adversely affected by COVID-19, especially the touring and live sector.

“Our sector was one of the first to be impacted, and will be one of the last allowed to restart. The aim of the fund is to help our members to keep doing what they do – writing the songs and composing the music that is the bedrock of the Australian and New Zealand music industries and that enriches all of our lives.”

The statement outlined that the initial pool fund of $300,000 comes from a decision by the APRA Board to reduce their director’s fees.

Read more about the Sustainability Fund and how to apply here.