‘Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’ Season Two: new gameplay trailer and content roadmap revealed

New multiplayer maps, Operators, weapons, and more on the way

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is about to enter its second season, and developer Treyarch has provided fans with a brand new gameplay trailer and content roadmap.

A new blog post on the official Call Of Duty site details the changes on the horizon in a roadmap and also includes a gameplay trailer to get fans pumped up. Season 2 will bring about new Operators, multiplayer maps, game modes, weapons, Zombies Experience and more.

Here’s a quick overview at what players can expect for Season Two:


Four new Operators will be joining the fold: Laos native Naga, Zombies mainstay Maxis, Jungle Warfare Operator Wolf and Nicaragua’s Rivas. Naga will be available at launch, and the other three characters will become available as the season unfolds.

In addition to the Operators, Season Two brings four new multiplayer maps: the Lao jungle cartel base Apocalypse (6v6), Russian village Golova (Multi-Team), Cuban palatial home Mansion (In-Season) and a daytime retooling of Miami called Miami Strike (6v6). As with Operators, the maps will roll out in increments. Apocalypse will be out first and the other three maps will follow throughout Season Two.

Call Of Duty fans will find plenty of opportunities to test their skills in three new modes, too. Gun Game is a fan-favourite that returns at launch. It’s a free-for-all that has each Operator working through a set of 20 different weapons to eliminate their enemies one at a time. The first player to kill an enemy with each different weapon wins.

Stockpile brings elements of Hardpoint and Kill Confirmed together for an objective-based game mode. Operators must slay enemies and collect dog tags, as with Kill Confirmed. Then, players have to drop off the tags at different spots throughout the map. The first team to collect and deposit a certain number of tags wins.

Lastly, the “biggest version” of Hardpoint arrives later on in the season. This one takes place across large maps and requires 10 squads to capture and defend Hardpoint hills that rotate every 120 seconds. The team with 500 seconds of total objective time emerges victorious.

In terms of new weapons, players will be spoilt for choice: six new additions include the FARA 83 assault rifle, LC10 SMG, Machete, E-Tool melee weapon, ZRG 20mm sniper and R1 Shadowhunter crossbow. Players will receive the assault rifle and SMG at launch, and the rest of the weapons will roll out as the season progresses.


Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Credit: Activision

For those looking for more zombie slaying, the new Zombies Experience Outbreak is also arriving during launch, bringing the next chapter of the Dark Aether story to the heart of Russia. It’s a large-scale map that tasks players with completing various objectives, and will uncover new enemies, objectives, player rewards and much more. Expect more information from Treyarch about Outbreak in the coming weeks.

Apart from this, Treyarch also notes in the blog post that it’ll be bringing along a slew of gameplay updates, including new skill tiers, vehicles, season challenges and much more. There will also be a variety of quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes coming alongside the series of updates, with patch notes to match. Read the full blog post for more information.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Season Two is launching on February 23 between 9PM and 11PM PT (12AM and 2AM ET). Warzone gets another rolling update on February 24 between 9PM and 11PM PT (12AM and 2AM ET).

Previously, a new Black Ops Cold War Season Two trailer confirmed a February 25 release date. The new Season Two roadmap, however, confirms updates will begin rolling out as early as February 23.