Dune Rats create song with recordings of people crunching Smith’s Chips

The band have released the track as an NFT with Fanaply

Dune Rats have made their first endeavour into the blockchain with a song released exclusively as an NFT, doubling as a commercial for the Smith’s Chips brand.

The untitled track fits well into Dune Rats’ catalogue, with a cantering beat heavy on the hi-hat, ripping guitars and a layered vocal hook.

It also features the unique use of potato chips as an instrument, with the band having sampled recordings of “chip fanatics” crunching “loudly and proudly”. Over the rocking soundscape, the Dunies chant in unison: “Na na na na na na na / Crunch, crunch / Double crunch!”


500 copies of the song have been minted as video-based NFTs (non-fungible tokens), which fans are able to claim free of charge via Fanaply. The NFT became available yesterday (May 3), with 480 still available at the time of writing.

In a press release, Dune Rats frontman Danny Beus said: “It was a hoot to get together with a bunch of legends to record this crunchy number about super catchy chips.”

Sam O’Donnell, a senior brand manager at Smith’s, also shared his excitement for the collaboration: “We are stoked to be creating a piece of history with the Smith’s chip NFT, a world first, in partnership with Dune Rats to celebrate the launch of our new Smith’s Double Crunch chips. This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity that crunch cravers won’t want to miss!”

Meanwhile, Dune Rats are due to release their fourth studio album, ‘Real Rare Whale’, on June 24 via BMG. The band have shared two singles from it thus far, ‘UP’ and ‘What A Memorable Night’. It’ll mark the follow-up to 2020’s ‘Hurry Up And Wait’ – which saw Dune Rats achieve their second Number One on the ARIA Charts – and is described by the band as “hands down the fastest, funnest [sic] and most insane album we’ve ever recorded”.

Last month, the band linked up with Ocean Grove for the joint single ‘Bored’. It was released on Ocean Grove’s own new album, ‘Up In The Air Forever’.

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