Everything Everything to hold virtual album release show

The virtual shows arrive on September 10 and 11

Everything Everything are to hold a virtual release show for their upcoming album, ‘Re-Animator.’

The Manchester quartet will hold the ‘Virtual Re-Animator’ event with Sansar where the group will perform a full live show, premiering new material for the first time and fan-favourites.

According to a new statement, the event will be “complemented by a range of visual elements, drawing on the video content and aesthetic of ‘Re-animator’…as well as elements inspired by their first four albums.”


The virtual showtimes are 8pm on September 10 and 9am on September 11. Tickets are available to buy here.

Everything Everything new album and single Arch Enemy
Everything Everything, 2020. CREDIT: Everything Everything/ Press

The virtual event also offers fans the chance to meet the band virtually, connect with other fans and wear virtual tour merch.

Speaking about the event, the group said: “We can’t play shows IRL, but we can do a couple IVR.

“We might as well try to have some fun with the limitations we all find ourselves under. This is the first chance we’ve had to play a lot of these songs. Come and join us in another dimension. See you in the Interzone.”

Sansar’s Sheri Bryant added: “We are releasing new fan features specifically for their performances that showcase how a virtual experience can surpass even the awesome reality of live. The creative canvas of virtual concerts is boundless, and we welcome “Everything Everything” with open arms!”


‘Re-Animator’ is due to arrive on September 11; you can see the full tracklisting below.

‘Re-Animator’ tracklist:
01. ‘Lost Powers’
02. ‘Big Climb’
03. ‘It Was A Monstering’
04. ‘Planets’
05. ‘Moonlight’
06. ‘Arch Enemy’
07. ‘Lord Of The Trapdoor’
08. ‘Black Hyena’
09. ‘In Birdsong’
10. ‘The Actor’
11. ‘Violent Sun’

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