FERLA transforms into “a bald tryhard” in new video for ‘Rita’

"Instead of having a panic attack, I doubled down on it"

Melbourne indie band FERLA have shared their second single of 2021, entitled ‘Rita’, as well as an accompanying music video.

The song, released today (October 6), follows on from the release of ‘I See You’ in August. These singles have been the first new music from the quartet since their 2019 single ‘Desire Machine’, which itself followed the band’s second studio album ‘It’s Personal’.

The video for ‘Rita’, directed by Nick McKinlay, sees the band’s titular frontman Giuliano Ferla performing the song to a small, apathetic audience in a small living room space while covered in sweat.


Watch the video below:

In a press statement, Ferla describes his character in the video as “a flop-sweating hack” and “a bald tryhard.”

“That’s how I feel sometimes,” he quipped.

The singer went on to point to people like Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose, Cheap Trick and comedian Carrot Top as inspirations for his character – specifically, in “how terribly they’ve aged.”


“It’s like a complete lack of self-awareness,” said Ferla. “I don’t know how it happens, when people lose touch with themselves… and then seek to hide it all through a veneer of photoshop polish or cosmetic surgery.

“Then I thought, ‘what if I’m just an un-self-aware loser too, and I just don’t realise because I’m completely un-self-aware?’ Instead of having a panic attack, I doubled down on it.”