Adam Sandler reunites with ‘Uncut Gems’ directors for new short film ‘Goldman v Silverman’

You can watch the film now

Adam Sandler has teamed up with the Safdie brothers, the directors of his acclaimed new thriller Uncut Gems, in a new short film.

The six-minute comedy Goldman v Silverman details a turf war between two street performers in New York City.

“Sandler and Benny Safdie star as the titular Goldman and Silverman, two Times Square street performers who do a robot act while dressed and painted in their respective colours,” Rolling Stone writes.


On Twitter, Josh and Benny Safdie said they were in the process of organising select screenings of the film in cinemas that are showing Uncut Gems on 35mm.

It’s currently confirmed that the short will air at New York’s Metrograph theatre this weekend (January 17-19).

Meanwhile, Sandler has responded to Uncut Gems being snubbed by this year’s Oscars.

Taking to Twitter to respond to the omission, Sandler joked that he was happy he no longer had to wear suits and then shouted out former Waterboy co-star, Kathy Bates.

“Bad news: Sandman gets no love from the Academy,” he began his tweet. “Good news: Sandman can stop wearing suits. Congrats to all my friends who got nominated, especially Mama.”


In a five-star review of the movie NME’s Alex Flood wrote: “Adam Sandler sparkles in anxiety-inducing thriller that may give you a heart-attack.

“Hollywood’s dorkiest megastar has never been better.”