Arnold Schwarzenegger calls Oscars “so boring” and suggests new venue

"How could they with all this talent make it so boring?”

Arnold Schwarzenegger has called this year’s Oscars telecast “so boring”.

The actor and former California Governor told Jimmy Kimmel he only made it an hour into the three-hour show which aired on Sunday (April 25).

“The reason I only watched one-third is because it was so boring,” Schwarzenegger said on Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday (April 27).


“I basically just turned it off. I couldn’t watch it anymore because there was so much talent there on the stage but it was so boring. How could they with all this talent make it so boring?”

Joking about a possible revamp for the 2022 edition, Schwarzenegger said: “I think the next time maybe they should take it to Muscle Beach and have the Oscars on Muscle Beach.”

Nielsen figures saw the TV ratings for this year’s Oscars telecast drop by 58 per cent, with 9.85million viewers in total tuning in.

Last year, the Academy Awards were watched by 23.6million viewers and earned a 5.3 rating, versus this year’s 1.9 rating.

However, those figures are in line with ratings for live TV viewership broadly, which has been steadily decreasing for some time.


The Golden Globes, SAG Awards, Grammys and Emmys all saw a substantial ratings decrease from 2020 to 2021.

“We’re worrying about things that we can control and that’s not on that list,” filmmaker Steven Soderbergh, who produced the Oscars telecast this year, told the Hollywood Reporter when asked about the show’s potential ratings earlier this month.

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