Borat praises Donald Trump as “strongest premier in history” ahead of comedy sequel’s release

“Trump never had stroke. He protector of women. He hero of war.”

Sacha Baron Cohen has teased the release of Borat 2 with a video that sees the hapless Kazakh journalist praising Donald Trump.

It came courtesy of a Twitter account impersonating the Kazakhstan government, with the comedy character praising Trump as the “strongest premier in history”.

The clip, which arrived online before Tuesday night’s presidential debate between Trump and Joe Biden, also included a disclaimer which states: “This ad may contain false statements”.


In the new clip, Borat claims that Trump can’t be racist because “black guys love him so much they kneel before him”.

“Trump never had stroke. He protector of women. He hero of war,” the video continues.

“Biden’s breath so bad, he forced to wear a mask. Because of Trump, 350 million Americans still alive. Vote for premier Trump, or you will be crushed.”

A caption alongside the clip states: “Congratulation to great friend of the Kazakh people @realDonaldTrump for winning debate today! Impressive and amazing result for a strong premier who always put America and Kazakhstan first.”


The latest update comes after the sequel name was revealed – and proved to be a predictable mouthful.

According to The Film Stage, the sequel will be titled: Borat: Gift Of Pornographic Monkey To Vice Premiere Mikhael Pence To Make Benefit Recently Diminished Nation Of Kazakhstan.

The sequel will debut on Amazon Prime later this month and will reportedly see Borat going undercover after being made aware of his fame in the wake of the 2006 original.

It is thought that the film could include footage of the moment Baron Cohen reportedly crashed a far-right event in Washington in June disguised as a bluegrass singer.

It’s alleged that the comic actor infiltrated a rally on June 27 organised by far-right group the Three Percenters, billed as ‘March for Our Rights 3’, and took to the stage dressed as a country singer.

In footage that has surfaced from the event, the man claimed to be Cohen can be seen encouraging festival-goers to sing about injecting scientists, journalists and political figures with the “Wuhan flu.”