Bradley Cooper says a famous director mocked him for having seven Oscar nominations

“What world are we living in where you have seven nominations?"

Bradley Cooper has revealed that a famous director once mocked him for having seven Oscar nominations.

The actor, who was speaking on the SmartLess podcast, recalled the incident during the awards season for his film A Star Is Born.

Cooper was nominated for three Oscars for the music film, adding to the four nominations that he’d already earned across his career.


At a party during the season, Cooper reportedly met a famous director who poked fun at his nominations while he was joined by a friend who is a famous actress.

“What world are we living in where you have seven nominations and she’s only got three?” Cooper says the director told him and his friend at the party.

“I’m like, ‘Bro, why are you such an asshole?’” Cooper said to the SmartLess podcast hosts. “I would never fucking forget that. Go fuck yourself.”

On the same episode Cooper discussed his past struggles with drug and alcohol addiction.

The actor recalled a time in 2004 where host and actor Will Arnett stopped by his home late in the afternoon and noticed that Cooper hadn’t yet let his dogs outside to relieve themselves. “That was the first time I ever realised I had a problem with drugs and alcohol.


“It was Will saying that to me, I’ll never forget it… It changed my entire life.”

Cooper went on to say that he had “zero self-esteem” at the time. “I was so lost. And I was addicted to cocaine, that was the other thing… I severed my Achilles tendon right after I got fired-slash-quit Alias,” he said.