‘Charlie’s Angels’ reunion: watch Cameron Diaz surprise Drew Barrymore on her birthday

The pair also said "never say never" regarding a reunion

Charlie’s Angels star Cameron Diaz surprised her co-star Drew Barrymore on her birthday.

Barrymore handed over control of her talk show The Drew Barrymore Show on Monday (February 21) for her 46th birthday, and suspected Diaz would turn up over Zoom as they usually spend their birthdays together.

“Usually we get to actually be together,” Diaz said. “We are not big gift givers, we’re more about experience, so we always try to go someplace and do something with the girls and be together.


“Cook, eat, hang and stay up all night and just have the best time.”

Check out the full clip here:

Barrymore then shared how close she and Diaz were, since playing Dylan Sanders and Natalie Cook respectively, alongside Lucy Liu as Alex Munday in McG’s classic film.

“I don’t like co-sleeping with anyone, it’s a thing,” Barrymore said. “I don’t know why but it’s my thing. If it’s like a lover then obviously that’s different, but no friends.”

She went on to explain Diaz is the only platonic friend she will share a bed with, saying: “I will sleep in a bathtub, I’ve slept on a pool table, like you name it, but this one, oh my gosh. We’ve lived together for periods of time, been roommates.


“I’ve slept in a tent while my fever was breaking on a Chilean mountain in a thunderstorm in, like, Patagonia. I mean, yeah, we’ve been everywhere together.”

Later discussing a potential Charlie’s Angels revival, Barrymore said, calling Diaz by her nickname “Poo Poo”, “I’ll be grannies in inner tubes with Poo Poo, so we can do anything and everything as long as we’re together. I have a whole life to live with you.”

Diaz agreed, replying: “I always say never say never. I feel the same way.”

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