Daniel Kaluuya says Bruce Willis inspired ‘Nope’ action scenes

"Let's go for this shit"

Daniel Kaluuya has said Bruce Willis inspired his motivation on Nope.

The actor is teaming up with Get Out director Jordan Peele for their new horror film together, and nodded to the Sixth Sense actor as an inspiration.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Kaluuya stressed Nope is an action film and that it was important to “go for it”.


“We had a lot of conversations building up to the shoot, and when I got to the set, I was like, ‘Oh shit, this is a fucking action film. Holy shit,'” Kaluuya said.

“The most daring thing to do is go for it, [so] let’s do Bruce Willis then. Let’s go for this shit. I really care about original films and original content, and to even be making a film like this with Keke Palmer as a lead, me as a lead, Jordan as a director on this level of budget and it be original – it’s so important that this film connects.”

A synopsis for Nope reads: “Caretakers at a California horse ranch encounter a mysterious force that affects human and animal behaviour.”

Daniel Kaluuya stars alongside Keke Palmer and Steven Yeun in the film, which will be released in cinemas on July 22.

Meanwhile, Bruce Willis retired from acting earlier this year after being diagnosed with aphasia.


The condition, a language disorder typically occurring after a stroke or brain injury, significantly affects a person’s ability to communicate.