David Arquette thought he was dying during wrestling “deathmatch”

"I thought, 'If I’m dying, I’m dying a winner!'"

David Arquette has recalled a moment in the wrestling ring when he thought he was dying.

The Scream actor, who has just released the documentary You Cannot Kill David Arquette,  opened up about a harrowing experience in an interview with the Los Angeles Times while recalling his time in the world of professional wrestling,

“It was scary,” Arquette began, describing a match with Nick Gage in 2018 in which Arquette ended up with a cut to his neck caused by a light tube.


“I thought I was dying. I thought I was dying. I even tried to pin him even though I wasn’t supposed to win — I thought, ‘If I’m dying, I’m dying a winner!’ But he kicked out.

“There’s a lot behind it, a lot that went into it. I don’t want to break too much kayfabe. We have no hard feelings toward each other.”

Reflecting on the way his experience as an actor and a wrestler have shaped his life, Arquette also said that the criticism from wrestling fans over the years led him to make different choices.

“It does have an effect on your personality,”he said.

“You’re never going to change everyone’s minds, but I do feel like I gained the respect of a lot of wrestling fans and at least made a mark on it. ‘It was something I just had to do that was bigger than me. It was an adventure I had to cross off my list.”