‘Deep Water’ director explains how he films sex scenes: “I act as a cheerleader”

"I always act as a kind of cheerleader"

Deep Water director Adrian Lyne has opened up about how he films sex scenes in his movies.

The filmmaker, who also directed Fatal Attraction starring Glenn Close and Michael Douglas, has described himself as a “cheerleader”.

Responding to comments made by Indecent Proposal star Demi Moore who said Lyne “literally didn’t stop talking” while filming, Lyne shared his side.


“I’ve always thought there’s something awful about actors going at it in total silence, he told The Independent. “Or very glumly, and then wondering whether their arse looks good, or if their thighs are sagging.

“So I always act as a kind of cheerleader. Sometimes I’ll go, ‘It’s good! It’s good!’ You sense their confidence mounting, so it’s a better scene. I do that a lot.”

Of Deep Water specifically, Lyne called the experience “bizarre”, pointing to his reservations about having an on-set intimacy coordinator.

“It’s a very bizarre movie, certainly the strangest that I’ve done,” Lyne said.

“It implies a lack of trust, which I loathed,” Lyne added of the intimacy coordinator. “That’s all I have with my actors: They trust me and I trust them, totally. It wasn’t a big deal in the end, though.”

In a three-star review of Deep Water, NME wrote: “Lynne doesn’t seem especially bothered about the murders or the sex or whatever’s supposed to be happening to drive the plot along – but he’s clearly obsessed with the strange, cruel, confused couple at the centre of his own story.”