Edgar Wright is working on a film about a robot dentist discovering emotions

It's based on a novel coming out this May

Edgar Wright has signed on for his latest film project, a sci-fi adaptation of the forthcoming novel Set My Heart to Five.

While the Shaun of the Dead filmmaker will release Last Night in Soho later this year, the wheels are already in motion for his following feature.

Set My Heart to Five, which is set to be published in May, takes place “in an all-too human 2054” according to the synopsis, and focuses on an android named Jared who works at a dentist and learns about love via ’80s and ’90s movies.


The story turns into a journey of emotional awakening across the West Coast of the US as Jared goes on a mission to find the programmer who made him.

Working Title Films and Focus Features, who Wright is currently working with to produce and distribute Last Night in Soho, will also be attached to the new project.

Simon Stephenson, the author of the novel, will also be adapting the story into a screenplay. There is currently no word on casting.

Edgar Wright recently collated a list of his favourite comedies for the movie-based social network Letterboxd to help fans stay entertained in these times of social distancing.

“To get you through these tough times, please enjoy a generous helping of some of my favourite screen comedies that I’ve enjoyed over the years,” Wright said in a statement he wrote alongside the list.


“I could easily do another 100 so don’t say ‘Where’s so and so?’ Just sit back and enjoy the movies. Let us know below, which ones you raise a smile. (NB: No, I’m not so immodest to put my own on here. x)”

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