Emily Blunt opens up about controversial Irish accents in ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’

Emily Blunt and her co-star said they're "not going to lose any sleep" over the reaction to their accents in the film

Emily Blunt has addressed the controversial Irish accents in her upcoming film Wild Mountain Thyme.

Last November, the first trailer for the film was mocked for its “very upsetting” Irish accents.

The film, a new drama directed by John Patrick Shanley based on his play Outside Mullingar, stars Blunt alongside Jamie Dornan, Jon Hamm and Christopher Walken.


Speaking to Sky News, Blunt and her co-star Dornan said they’re “not going to lose any sleep” over last year’s reaction.

Blunt said: “I think it was sort of to be expected in some ways…ultimately, when you’re doing an accent, you just do your best.

“Luckily, this film is not really about accents, it’s about something much bigger than that,” Blunt continued. “So, I think we all took it fairly lightly. I just want people to go and see it now and be transported to the fact that this is really a love letter to Ireland.”

“We loved doing it, we loved being in Ireland, we loved the Irish people. So, I think the [piss]-taking from Irish people about people who aren’t from Ireland playing Irish, I sort of shoulder shrug about it really.”

Her co-star Dornan added: “It’s kind of par for the course, I’m from Ireland and we’re known for taking the [piss] pretty much out of everything – it almost comes with the territory.


“At the end of the day, everyone’s going to have their opinion. We are doing the accents that we planned to do.”

Dornan went on: “So, we’re trying to find accents that everyone in the world will understand and that’s what we feel we did. We’re not going to lose any sleep over some people having a bit of fun with it.”

The film will be released via all major UK digital platforms on April 30.