‘Final Destination 6’ directors landed job after faking their own death

The event was described as "the Zoom call to end Zoom calls"

The directors of Final Destination 6 landed the job by faking their own deaths on a Zoom call.

Zach Lipovsky and Adam B. Stein have officially been hired to relaunch the Grand Guignol franchise, with Craig Perry producing alongside Sheila Hanahan Taylor.

The pair got the job after what The Hollywood Reporter has called “the Zoom call to end all Zoom calls”, describing an incident in which the pair took the meeting with a burning fireplace behind them.


The publication explains that once the meeting finished, the mantel behind Lipovsky and Stein began to burn, before the pair extinguished the flames.

But then tragedy seemed to strike as attendees on the call heard a creak, after which a ceiling fan broke loose from the ceiling and decapitated one of the filmmakers. At this point, the producers realised it was a staged joke.

“The bit, using a combination of prerecorded footage and visual effects, had transitioned seamlessly and showed their unabashed enthusiasm,” the report reads. “It was, to all involved, the cherry on top.”

Lipovsky and Stein made their feature film debut with Freaks in 2018, starring Emile Hirsch and Bruce Dern. There’s no plot details for the new film yet – the last Final Destination film was released in 2011.

In other horror news, a new Cloverfield film is in the works from director Babak Anvari.

Anvari, best known for directing horror films Under The Shadow and 2019’s Wounds, is set to direct the project from a script written by Joe Barton (Giri/Haji). J.J. Abrams will produce with his production company Bad Robot, alongside Hannah Minghella and Jon Cohen.