Government opens applications for $50million interrupted screen productions fund

The fund is designed to restart productions that were shut down due to the pandemic

The Federal Government has begun rolling out its $50million Temporary Interruption Fund, a component of its larger $250million arts sector relief package, announced back in June.

The fund is designed to assist film and television crews in restarting productions that are currently in limbo out of concern a crew or cast member could test positive for COVID-19. Specifically, the fund will allow financiers that are hesitant to release funds for productions to do so with assurance from the government.

In order to be eligible for the funds, the production must be made in Australia and pass Screen Australia’s ‘Significant Australian Content‘ test. Applications are open until Friday May 28, 2021, with an expected turnaround time of three weeks between the application and the outcome.


According to Screen Australia chief executive Graeme Mason, the fund is expected to support approximately 50 Australian productions and 11,000 jobs.

“If a production is designated by Screen Australia as eligible under TIF this will allow financiers to release funds so production can commence,” Arts Minister Paul Fletcher said in a statement.

“Importantly, TIF means that local productions can get underway and cast and crew can return to work.”

More information on the $50million Temporary Interruption Fund can be found on Screen Australia’s website.

Despite being announced in June, Minister Fletcher was criticised earlier this month for not having approved the guidelines for the relief package’s $75million RISE grant fund yet. The guidelines were eventually released and application opened last week.