Jack Black is keen to play the Penguin in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 3’

"I say we bend the rules just one time!"

Few roles could be considered too outlandish for Jack Black, making the news that the actor has been thinking about joining a superhero franchise seem, if anything, fitting.

Speaking to GQ Middle East about Jumanji: The Next Level with his co-star and Marvel stalwart Karen Gillan, Black shared his enthusiasm.

“I’m ready to jump into the Marvel universe, dude,” said Black. “I’m thinking maybe Penguin. I know that’s DC, but I say we bend the rules just one time!” says Black.


Gillan replied with a suggestion to bridge universes: “…And put the Penguin in the next Guardians of the Galaxy?”

Whether it’s in jest remains to be seen – but Black certainly has the enthusiasm for it. The interview continued with a “Wah wah wah! I’m travelling in space!” from the actor impersonating the Penguin.

The NME review of Jumanji: The Next Level labelled the film “a total riot”, while Karen Gillan’s own directorial debut The Party’s Just Beginning earned four stars, praised for “a wry sense of humour” and “smart and daring ideas”.

Black’s final thoughts on his ideal future as a comic book character aligned with one of this year’s biggest films – Todd Phillips’ take on Batman’s arch-nemesis. “I was thinking just ‘Penguin’. Just like Joker. ‘Penguin.'” says Black.