Joaquin Phoenix and Martin Sheen arrested at climate change rally

The latest celebrity actors to be arrested at Jane Fonda's 'Fire Drill Friday'

Joaquin Phoenix and Martin Sheen were both arrested on Friday (January 10) after attending and speaking at Jane Fonda’s latest climate change rally in Washington, DC.

Fonda has been holding her ‘Fire Drill Friday’ protest events every week since October 11, with this week’s focus being “the major banks and investors that finance fossil fuel exploration.”

After his recent Golden Globe win, the Joker actor spoke about the personal steps he’s taken to fight climate change. “I struggle so much with what I can do [to fight climate change] at times,” he said in a video captured by The Hill. “But one thing that I can do is change my eating habits.” Watch the clip below.


A passionate animal rights spokesperson, Phoenix had began his Best Actor win at the Golden Globes “for recognizing and acknowledging the link between animal agriculture and climate change” in reference to the event’s plant-based menu.

Phoenix was escorted away from the Capitol steps by police, along with Martin Sheen and a number of other protestors. Other actors including Ted Danson and Rosanna Arquette have previously been arrested at the event, and Fonda herself has been taken away four times.

In November, Joaquin Phoenix revealed he’d potentially be interested in starring in a Joker sequel if the script was right.

Speaking to The Envelope (via LA Times) on November 1, Phoenix insisted that he’d only take part in a sequel if he deemed it to be a worthy successor, adding: “I wouldn’t just do a sequel just because the first movie is successful, that’s ridiculous.”