Joaquin Phoenix to wear same Stella McCartney tuxedo for every awards show this year to “reduce waste”

"It's really nice that so many people have sent their well wishes to Australia, but we have to do more than that."

Joker actor Joaquin Phoenix is planning to wear the same tuxedo at every awards ceremony this year, designer Stella McCartney has shared.

“He has chosen to wear this same Tux for the entire award season to reduce waste,” read McCartney’s statement on social media. “I am proud and honoured to join forces with you Joaquin.”

Stella McCartney calls itself a “sustainable luxury fashion brand”, and never uses leather, skin, fur or feathers. The company explains their position on their website: “By taking this stance, we are proving it is possible to create beautiful, luxurious products that are better for everyone — animals, people, and the environment.”



The news came after Phoenix won the award for Best Actor at the 77th Golden Globes last weekend, a ceremony at which the meal served to all attendees was plant-based.

In his speech, the actor praised the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s decision to implement this, congratulating them for “recognising and acknowledging the link between animal agriculture and climate change”.

Phoenix, who has been vegan for years, continued by urging his fellow artists to actively adjust their behaviour based on climate change.


“It’s really nice that so many people have sent their well wishes to Australia, but we have to do more than that,” he said. “Hopefully, we can be unified and actually make some changes.”

“Sometimes we have to take that responsibility on ourselves and make changes and sacrifices in our own lives. We don’t have to take private jets to Palm Springs for the awards.”

Joker is storming through awards season, as Todd Phillips’ dark comic book origin story is now leading the BAFTA nominations with 11 nods in total. The nominations for this year’s Oscars will be revealed on January 13.