‘Jungle Cruise’ criticised for “blink-and-you’ll-miss-it” coming out scene

"Disney continually wants prizes for doing the bare minimum"

Jungle Cruise has been criticised for a “blink-and-you’ll-miss-it” coming out scene involving Jack Whitehall’s character.

According to Variety, his character – Emily Blunt’s brother and assistant in the film – says he broke off several engagements as his “interests happily lay elsewhere”.

Several fans took to social media to condemn the scene, criticising Disney for the lack of “genuine representation” when it comes to LGBTQ+ characters.


“A blink-&-you’ll-miss-it moment,” tweeted one person. “Disney doesn’t care about genuine representation, & that has been proven time & time again.”

“Disney continually wants prizes for doing the bare minimum,” another wrote, while one person added: “Disney will really do anything to avoid using the word ‘gay’ in its mainstream content won’t it”

Playwright Jeremy O Harris also shared his thoughts on the casting of Jack Whitehall, criticising Disney for not casting openly gay actors.


“Dear @Disney I am gay & funny & evil… I know other evil funny gays,” he wrote. “I spent a lot of money at Disneyland this year so it would be cool to work on one of your movies so I could get that money back and also help Disney be gayer.”

In a four-star review of Jungle Cruise, NME wrote: “Glowing with golden-age romance and buzzing with Marvel-age pizzazz, Jungle Cruise is everything summer blockbusters used to be and a whole lot they never were.

“Is this the start of a whole new Pirates-style franchise? Let’s hope so.”

The film is released in UK cinemas this Friday (July 30).