Matt Damon teases Ben Affleck for losing Batman role to Robert Pattinson

"Pattinson took your job"

Matt Damon has teased Ben Affleck about losing his role as Batman to Robert Pattinson.

Pattinson will take on the iconic character in forthcoming film The Batman.

Damon and Affleck were appearing as part of a fundraiser for the Eastern Congo Initiative and, and Damon couldn’t resist having a dig at his friend – who played Batman in 2016’s Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice – for losing the role.


While speaking about how they could advertise the fundraiser, Affleck said: “Tell something they’re interested in like, ‘Hey, come see me Jason Bourne… Batman and…” when Damon interrupted, saying: “Robert Pattinson’s coming?”

Affleck responded: “No. Jeremy Renner will be there, though,” joking about Renner playing Bourne in 2012’s The Bourne Legacy.”

Damon then took another dig, joking: “Jeremy Renner did not play Jason Bourne. He expanded the Bourne universe. Pattinson took your job.”

Robert Pattinson’s The Batman resumed filming a few weeks ago following a shutdown in production after Pattinson was confirmed to have tested positive for COVID-19.

Pattinson was also this week spotted in Liverpool at St George’s Hall filming what appears to be a funeral scene from the film.


The release date of The Batman has been pushed back a number of times. Previously set for a June 2021 release, the film was first pushed back to October 2021.

Now, after Pattinson’s coronavirus diagnosis lead to further production delays, the film will now be released on March 4, 2022. It comes in line with Warner Bros also shifting back the releases of The Flash, Shazam! 2, Black Adam and The Matrix 4.

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