The first glowing reactions for the live-action ‘Mulan’ are in

The new Disney remake looks like it could be one of the best yet

The upcoming Mulan remake has reached its first audiences in the US, and the reactions have been overwhelmingly positive.

Niki Caro’s live-action adaptation reworks the 1998 Disney animation by dropping the musical numbers and several characters in favour of a film honouring Chinese warrior wuxia action.

Mulan had its premiere last night (March 9) and critics and fans responded with plenty of praise.


“Disney’s Mulan remake leaves a lot behind, but offers much more in its absence. Plenty of 1998 throwbacks pepper a story full of incredible action, humor, and heart,” tweeted Mashable Entertainment Reporter Alison Foreman. “Oh, and the romantic chemistry gets STEAMY. Like chanting “kiss” in a silent theater steamy.”

Her praise was echoed by other viewers, celebrating Yifei Liu as Mulan (“fantastic performance” said one tweet, “big stand-out” said another) and the film’s action sequences.

“It honors the 1998 film and the ballad by modernizing themes of female empowerment and iconic scenes, while also standing out w/ great cinematography & battle sequences are reminiscent of Wuxia epics,” said Geeks of Doom critic Michael Lee.


In terms of where it sits in the recent string of live-action remakes – including Beauty and the BeastDumboCinderellaThe Lion King – early reactions suggest Mulan could be top-tier.

#Mulan is the best of the Disney live-action remakes since Cinderella — I didn’t even miss the songs. Finds new notes in a story we already know while delivering gorgeous action, heart, and humour,” tweeted Mashable Deputy Entertainment Editor Angie J. Han.

The film’s loyalty to its source material is also praised, even without the musical numbers. “If you’re a fan of the animated, there are subtle nods to many of the songs,” said Insider Correspondent Kirsten Acuna.

This was echoed by @myrcellasear, who called Mulan, “A gorgeous film that pays homage to the ballad of its origin.”

Mulan will be released in UK cinemas on March 27.