Netflix creates ‘Short-Ass Movies’ category in response to ‘SNL’ sketch

Need "a really short movie, like at most an hour 40"? You're in luck

Netflix has made a new search category devoted to “Short-Ass Movies” in response to a recent Saturday Night Live skit bemoaning films with lengthy running times.

Pete Davidson, Gunna, Chris Redd and Simon Rex collaborated for the comedy song that lambasts films that exceed runtimes of 100 minutes as not suitable for late night viewing.

Taking aim at titles such as The BatmanAmadeusHeat and Once Upon A Time In America for their extended runtimes, Davidson says he can’t handle any more long movies because he’s “a simple man with no attention span”.


Netflix responded to the video on social media this week (April 4) with the caption “Good idea,” and a link to the newly created Short-Ass Movies category, which includes selections that adhere to the SNL sketch’s call for “a really short movie, like at most an hour 40″.

Davidson also jokes about the runtime of his own movie, The King Of Staten Island, which has a runtime of 2hr 17mins. “But we needed all of those minutes,” he claims.

You can watch the sketch that inspired the move below, in which Davidson raps: “Three hours, 47 minutes? Bro, you must be crazy/ No thanks, I’mma watch a short-ass movie like Driving Miss Daisy.”

Last weekend’s (April 2) episode of Saturday Night Live also took on the Will Smith Oscars slap in a number of sketches across the show.


Host Jerrod Carmichael dissected the incident in his cold open on Saturday Night Live without directly mentioning Smith, Rock or the word “slap”.

The usual ‘Fox & Friends’ parody included a call to Donald Trump (played by comedian and actor James Austin Johnson), where he was asked his thoughts on the Oscars incident. “I did see slap. I enjoyed slap,” he said. “I was very impressed by Hitch. Quite an arm on Hitch. I always knew Hitch had an arm.”

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