‘Paddington 2’ loses perfect Rotten Tomatoes score after critic brands it “snide and sullen”

The negative review described Paddington as "a sinister, malevolent imposter who should be shot into space"

Paddington 2 has lost its perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes after a rare negative review for the 2017 movie was added to the site.

The film was listed as the best-reviewed film on the aggregator site last month after maintaining the most positive reviews (245) while still securing a 100 per cent ‘Fresh’ score.

Over the weekend, film critic called Eddie Harrison published a two-star review for Film Authority, knocking Paddington 2’s score to 99 per cent.


Harrison’s review was published in print over the weekend but he insists that he gave the film a harsh treatment on BBC Radio upon its theatrical release in late 2017.

“I reviewed Paddington 2 negatively for BBC radio on release in 2017, and on multiple occasions after that, and I stand by every word of my criticism,” Harrison said.

“This is not my Paddington Bear, but a sinister, malevolent imposter who should be shot into space, or nuked from space at the first opportunity.”

Harrison went on to slam Paddington as “over-confident, snide and sullen” and said “this manky looking bear bears little relation to the classic character, and viewers should be warned; this ain’t yo mamma’s Paddington bear, and it won’t be yours either.”

Now, 2018 movie Leave No Trace is the best reviewed film on the site, with 238 reviews at 100 per cent.


It’s followed closely by the 1999 Pixar sequel Toy Story 2, which has 100 per cent from 169 reviews.

In a four-star review of Paddington 2, NME wrote: Obviously Paddington 2 is a fantasy. It’s set in a London where everyone lives in a fancy Notting Hill townhouse and chats to each other on the street. But like its predecessor, this film never feels woolly: it’s filled with entertaining CGI set-pieces and has an admirable underlying message about the importance of community spirit.

“The result is another heartwarming and completely charming film with jokes that will tickle kids and adults alike. Bring on Paddington 3.”